Try to remember…

This is my first blog entry.  Appropriately coined “try to remember.”  The inspiration to create a blog came from one or another idea which I thought worth sharing. As a young person, I paid a good deal of attention to advice and counsel from my elders, now long gone. Even with that, I wish I had paid more, better and closer attention. What they said had value, I know now.

So as I make my way into the life’s evening, one thing shocks me:  How little people making their way through life pay attention to the bigger picture.

Intervening events, horrific news of yesterday’s attacks in Kenya have distracted me from the thought that motivated me earlier today when I decided, enough procrastination, time to get that blog going.  So I am here now–ready to launch the blog, but the prolific piece I had in mind to write has left me for the moment.

I don’t remember the older generation losing their train of thought quite so much as I do. Nor do I remember them as being in a constant state of movement, quite as much as I feel I am.

So, while I “try to remember” I will sign off with this today–I hope you find some merit, joy and food for thought in the posts that will follow in the days to come. Image